Alliance Trucks is the largest multi-brand network of trade and service centers in Russia with the status of an official dealer and importer of trucks and special equipment.
We represent the following brands:
  • Japanese — ISUZU, HINO, FUSO
  • Korean — DAEWOO, HYUNDAI
  • Russian — KAMAZ KOMPAS
We are in four locations in the Moscow region:
Alliance Trucks "North"
Dolgoprudny, Likhachevsky proezd, 16

Alliance Trucks "North-East"
Mytishchi, st. Meditsinskaya, 4A

Alliance Trucks "East"
Balashikha, Western industrial zone, Shosse Entuziastov, 2

Alliance Trucks "South"
MKAD 32nd km, outer side, AGM "TRAKT", service center No. 2

Alliance Trucks is a recognized leader in the Russian market in terms of sales of commercial vehicles and spare parts with many awards and diplomas from manufacturers and distributors of various car brands.

Also, our company regularly confirms its status as the best dealer in terms of quality of service, and our mechanics have won prizes in national and international competitions. Absolute victory in the national competition ISUZU GRAND-PRIX, 2nd place in ISUZU WORLD and 1st place in the national competition for auto mechanics HYUNDAI.

Alliance Trucks is one of the most recognizable, innovative and progressive automobile companies in Russia. We have developed our own mobile application with a range of commercial vehicles available, an interactive history of customer service and online chat based on the one-stop-shop principle

By building long-term relationships with a large team of professionals, we do our work so that people return to us and recommend them to others. And it is important for us to be above any expectations, every day we learn and work with all the processes of our company to achieve the best results.

As a loyalty to the service station, we do a number of works that affect the safety of the client, complimentary.

Main activities:
  • Sale of new and used trucks with various types of add-ons and additional equipment
  • Service maintenance and repair of any complexity
  • Sale of original spare parts wholesale, retail, including through an online store
Alliance Trucks in numbers:

> 10 years of consistent growth

> 150 team members

> 4 billion annual income

> 4,000 cars sold

> 15,000 service clients

> 100,000 repairs completed

> 125,000,000 spare parts stock

We believe that it is better to do nothing at all than to do it poorly and strive for excellence as much as possible. We are pleased by the fact of trust from the largest companies in the country from a wide variety of industries.
Our consciousness and internal rules:
  1. We train ourselves daily and prioritize emotional intelligence.
  2. When creating corporate teams, we are looking for stars, outstanding and talented people.
  3. We respect corporate culture and business ethics.
  4. In every weakness we find a point for growth, and in every crisis we find new windows of opportunity.
  5. We are regularly moving towards automating business processes, digitalization, technological innovation, use of programs, integration of digital and marketing solutions.
  6. We are committed to lean manufacturing and respecting the environment, recycling industrial waste and avoiding excessive use of plastic.
  7. We care about the brand and business reputation.
  8. We try to save our time and the time of our clients.
  9. We maintain public and corporate neutrality in matters related to politics, religion and cultural minorities.
  10. We are socially active and engage in charity projects.


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