Travel notes:


The trip to Andorra was in the summer just to tick the box, although many come here in the winter for skiing. Andorra is another dwarf state located between Spain and France.

Unlike the Vatican [0.49 km], Monaco [2.03 km] and Liechtenstein [160 km], the area of the Principality of Andorra is as much as 468 square kilometers with a population of as many as 80 thousand people.

The country is an offshore and for tourists it represents one single Duty Free zone. That is, there is no Tax Free refund here, because there are no taxes in the price of the goods.

Surprisingly, in a country measuring 20x20 kilometers with mountainous terrain, 4 wineries somehow fit. Naturally, local wine is not cheap and whether it is worth it, unless based on its exclusivity, remains an open question for connoisseurs.

Perhaps the best thing I saw in Andorra was a traffic light built into the asphalt on the sides of the pedestrian crossing markings. It looks neat and practical, because all people, waiting for the traffic light to turn green, most often look right at their feet.

Would I recommend Andorra for visiting or would I like to return? The correct answer is yes, if only while passing through Europe.