Travel notes:


The trip to Azerbaijan began with the fact that glass partitions on the balcony of the Baku Marriott Hotel Boulevard hotel room were destroyed by strong winds. From the locals I learned that the word Azerbaijan is synonymous with wind. The reason for the trip to Baku was the dealer conference of Japanese HINO trucks, which was a couple of weeks before the ISUZU conference in Armenia.

Azerbaijan, thanks to oil, is noticeably richer than many of its neighbors, however, this did not stop us from being deceived in the market with black caviar, but this was not a dramatic tragedy, since it is just caviar and just a market.

By the way, it will be important information for tourists that, like any local guides, taxi drivers offering to stop at a restaurant or store have a kickback (financial reward) there. This means “Take me to where it’s delicious” or “Where is your best store” will not always mean the “best” category, but most often it will mean “profitable”, but not for you, but for the owner of the coveted cashback.

And the capital of Azerbaijan, the city of Baku, has a beautiful “old city” with stone roads, ancient architecture of the time and themed restaurants with chants. Here, nearby, is the calling card of the modern city - towers in the form of flames.

We were taken on an excursion to the wasteland; reading this phrase makes us laugh. This is a mountainous and hilly area with some cobblestones scattered by nature.

As a result, on the one hand, there was nothing that would stress us beyond the norm, but there were no circumstances that would pull us back like a magnet. Thanks to Azerbaijan, this is not a bad result at all.