Travel notes:


Wonderful Bali was well remembered on my trip to Indonesia. When checking into the hotel, I read detailed instructions about what to do in case of an earthquake, tsunami, or volcanic eruption. Nothing new - treat everything with pragmatic coldness and follow the evacuation route.

I stayed at the Ayana Resort Bali, famous for its location on the cliffs with views of the restaurants and bars located at the heights. It so happened that after the gym and massage I developed a terrible rash, accompanied by a temperature of 40C. After the magic injection, the body temperature changed to 34C. It is not completely known whether this story was connected with the fevers popular in the region.

Bali has a very cool and huge safari park. There are large African animals there, and movement around the park takes place by car or bus. Everything would have been fine there if I hadn’t felt so bad an hour after arriving.

In my perception, Bali is a complete bottom. Although, now looking at places where you can go on the Internet, it seems that I have a negative attitude in the context of only my negative experience and this is unfair. These are ancient temples with tombs, volcanoes, rice terraces, caves, lakes and waterfalls. Perhaps time will pass and I will give Indonesia another chance.