Travel notes:


Belgium borders 4 countries at once — France, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands and is famous all over the world for Belgian chocolate and waffles for sweet tooths and beer for beer alcoholics.

It would be unfair to say that Belgium attracted me a lot, most likely, she was on her way from Luxembourg to Holland as part of a large car trip across Europe.

In addition to visiting the central square and the gastronomic program, all tourists are interested in the fountain "pissing boy".

Visiting the country by "passing through" sometimes encounters some sights and other, more valuable ones turn out to be out of sight. For example, looking at old photos now, it seems that the visit to Belgium was as boring as possible.

Now, on the Internet, I have found a lot. Among the architectural attractions is the Atomium, a large iron structure representing a bundle of 9 atoms. Among the natural ones are the Xuan Forest and the North Sea. But the most interesting thing is the Basilica of the Holy Blood, it is believed that there is the Blood of the Lord in a special vessel. I do not undertake to evaluate religious relics either in terms of authenticity or in terms of history. But definitely, such places are worth visiting and getting to know them better.