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Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina. I didn’t even know that such a country existed until we arrived there, traveling by car from Serbia to Montenegro.

No offense to the Serbs, I liked Bosnia many times more. Why, you ask? “And because, I will answer, there is very beautiful nature here and the capital, the city of Sarajevo, is unlike anything else.”

In Sarajevo there is a functioning bazaar, preserved from the 15th century, with a special street, Saraci, imbued with the spirit of trade and history. In the center of the city there is a mountain river and the houses of local residents, nicely located in the foothills.

Two bridges in Bosnia and Herzegovina are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the 180-meter-long Visegrad Stone Bridge and the Old Bridge in Mostar.

The rivers here are an incredible emerald color. There are many things connected with water here, for example, healing thermal springs. We stayed in the Sarajevo Congress & Thermal Spa Resort. The hotel is ancient and shabby, but the spa area was quite interesting.

After Bosnia and Herzegovina we went to Montenegro, which was an even more pleasant surprise.