Travel notes:


The first impressions of Cyprus were that of a backward village. But what fun it turned out to be!

We immediately rented a buggy as our main means of transportation and it turned out to be very emotionally powerful. In an open type of transport, the road and surrounding landscapes are perceived in a completely different way.

Using this buggy, we started going to the sea every day and renting an excellent motor boat there. A water driver's license was not needed, just a deposit and any document as security. We sailed on a boat to clear water, listened to loud music, dived, drank wine and danced. In some places the sea was a fantastic color.

One boat wasn’t enough; we took a jet ski for the thrill of speed on the water. Water alone was not enough for us either; we flew in a hot air balloon over the sea. Green pistachio liqueur helped to cope with the fear of great heights and the accompanying extreme sports :)