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In the whole Czech Republic, I like Prague for its originality. Perhaps the gloomier facades of buildings in the Gothic style on which gargoyles are located in huge numbers cannot be found anywhere in the world.

The entire city center of Prague, or rather the old part of it, contains a very rich history and will be very much to the taste of lovers of cultural programs. This is the medieval stone Charles Bridge, Prague Castle with castles, palaces and the royal garden, Old Town Square with a clock from 1410 in the wall of the town hall.

For those who prefer to skip the sights, but not to miss a glass, the Czech Republic loves to produce alcohol, so in addition to traditional beer and world-famous Becherovka, Jagermeister and absinthe, they try their hand at winemaking.

We stayed in one of the best hotels in the city - The Mozart Prague with a strong list of such famous guests as Mozart and Casanova. We chose the Mozart number.

A pleasant discovery was the opportunity to rent a catamaran and independently ride through the very center of the evening city. In warm weather it was a very warm experience.