Travel notes:


Finland did not make any pleasant impression, starting from the question I heard at passport control not only about the purpose of the trip, but about when you will leave there. Such a warm welcome was the first time and, admittedly, it has never been repeated in any other country since then.

Many St. Petersburg residents travel by ferry, both with and without their cars, across the Baltic Sea to the Finnish capital city of Helsinki, located near St. Petersburg. Apart from the idea of “getting off to Europe,” I couldn’t find any sacred meaning in this.

I also didn’t like the rare, delicious black caviar, which in fact is supposedly either white or golden. No matter how rare it was, it certainly wasn’t endowed with a special taste.

But as a very practical idea, I liked the fact that during construction and renovation work, buildings are covered completely, and not just from the facade, with a special construction fabric. Thanks to this, work is carried out without noise, dust and aesthetic discomfort.

From Finland - to Sweden. I liked her ten points out of ten.