Travel notes:


Budapest. Hungary. More than ten years have passed since visiting the country as part of a New Year's trip by car to Europe along the route:
Russia → Belarus → Poland → Czech Republic → Hungary → Slovakia → Ukraine → Russia

Hungary, or rather it’s fair to talk only about Budapest, represents quality Europe, out of all its neighbors, second only to Austria.

To be honest, I only remember the beautiful and majestic building of the Hungarian Parliament. If I wanted to work in parliament, I would want a building like this.

The rest is as if erased from memory, like the outlines of the words are there, but it’s impossible to read. In snippets - cold, mulled wine (maybe it’s all about that), outdoor heaters in cafes.

What is in the section: “What could you see in Hungary?”
— Of course, I would return for the famous largest bath complex in Europe - the Szechenyi Bath with water from natural hot springs.
— For the sake of cultural development, I would visit the residence of the kings - Buda Castle.
— The Hungarian Opera House would be bypassed, like any other opera houses.
— For dessert: Chain Bridge over the Danube River, connecting the historical parts of the city - Buda and Pest, St. Matthias Church and St. Stephen's Basilica.

Would I return to Hungary?
At least for the photographs, since they are lost. But is it only for them? No, this country is worthy of a closer look.