Travel notes:


They say India is a magical country. While drawing up the next itinerary for an exciting trip, I took tickets from Moscow to the Maldives, and to Moscow from India, placing Singapore between them.

In India itself, it was interesting to visit the capital New Delhi and the so famous Goa. Someone flies to India with a special spiritual request, but I flew from Singapore with confirmed Covid. Even on departure, I weighed where to spend the illness would be more convenient in terms of freedom of movement and possible medical support.

From all the medical support in New Delhi, I found homeopathic pellets, the effect of which I still don’t know, and after a day and a half we flew to Goa, as it turned out, at the very peak of the rainy season.

In addition to the choppy sea, which together with the rain kneaded clay-colored sand on the coast, luxury South Goa did not seem to be enough fun and we decided to go by moped to the north.

The distance between the two Goas is 67 kilometers. When you ride a jalopy moped in the rain, behind overloaded trucks the time stretches to 3 hours. A moped crumbling while moving, endless deep holes hidden by rain puddles, all kinds of vehicles attacking each other at every intersection - it was like a competition for survival.

It is noteworthy that in North Goa everything was also deserted and closed. This is due to the low season, the consequences of the pandemic and the imposed visa restrictions. Anyway, we turned back for the next three hour ordeal. My back ached, my arms were falling off, my brain was loaded with concentration for the sake of our safety. I wanted to throw this moped into the forest and teleport to the hotel. As a result, Covid was simply blown out of me by a headwind and upon returning to the hotel there was no trace of the symptoms left.

From Goa we took with us as memories the best aftertaste of cheese-garlic flatbread “cheese garlic naan”, which in turn is an edible calling card of Indian gastronomy and a semi-precious jade elephant, which in weight and price strongly resembled the real one.