5 places I want to return to:


— Delicious and sunny
Italy is sunny, Italy is delicious, Italy is heady, Italy is alluring.
Beautiful and atmospheric Rome, truffle and wine Alba, picturesque Como, cozy and lovely Portofino, romantic Venice. It is worth noting that these are simply the brightest places with the most pleasant memories. It's fair to say that all of Italy is beautiful.

You don’t just want to return to Italy, you want to live in it. Moreover, live without rushing anywhere and live every moment measuredly. It’s difficult to single out any specific place, each of them is cool in its own way. Somewhere there is a special landscape, somewhere there are vineyards, somewhere there are hot thermal springs, somewhere there are majestic Michelin restaurants, and somewhere there are small-town and cozy ones.

No matter how surprising the recent changes within Europe of a political and social nature, including in relations with our compatriots, after our last trip in September 2021 we were left with a very pleasant aftertaste.