Travel notes:


The reason I love Japan is the invention of sushi. I guess I can only eat them. Moreover, of course, not a meager selection of mediocre chain restaurants, but a high-quality assortment of such items as swordfish, sea bass, yellowtail, real crab, fatty tuna, mackerel, squid, clams and their waterfowl friends.

But it was not the desire to eat that brought me to Japan, but a client event - a trip to Tokyo and the ISUZU plant in Sapporo. There I even took a ride behind the wheel of a huge, fully loaded truck on a special circular test track. It takes a long time to fly to Japan, but then in 2018 Aeroflot had direct flights and a good upgrade for bonus miles to business.

Frankly, I expected more from Japan. Maybe not yet flying cars and robots on the street, but at least some kind of futurism. It turned out that Tokyo is a concrete jungle, as they call the abundance of concrete road junctions with a lack of wildlife.

Tokyo is famous for its fresh seafood and they even have a famous fish market that supplies all the restaurants. No offense, my dear Japanese friends, but Moscow has CutFish, and Malaysia, Seychelles, Sweden and Singapore have their own impressive sushi restaurants with wild chefs who create something incredible from local fish.

A friend of mine from the Far East told me that Japan has very high-quality collagen, good for joints and skin, and cool eye drops with varying degrees of menthol content, which not only refresh the eyes, but also give vigor, which is especially important when driving. I can vouch for the latter; it is truly unique and impressive.

In general, except for toilets that automatically flush... you know what, I didn’t find anything supernatural.