Travel notes:


Luxembourg is about quality of life. The city state is located between France, Germany and Belgium. Luxembourg is a Grand Duchy with a constitutional monarchy. It has a small area, a small population, does not have its own airport, and this does not prevent it from being a very cool country.

Along with its offshore status, this country is quite logically home to the largest number of banks and financial institutions in the world. Luxembourg ranks 4th in terms of income level. The minimum salary starts from 2000 euros. The higher the quality of life, the calmer and friendlier people are. There is an atmosphere of comfort, safety and tranquility on the streets.

The rented apartment came with a whole website that listed the best and nearest restaurants, a guide to attractions, a WiFi password, and after online registration of the guests’ passports, a video instruction on how to find the keys hidden on the street, located in a special box with a code.

While I was running along this street looking for the keys, it turned out that I had blocked the entire road with a car and a bus filled with people was calmly waiting for my return without panic and hysterics, as would be the case in the rest of the world.

Another wild discovery was the restaurant's heated outdoor bench. It is very comfortable and safe for the back and organs so as not to catch a cold.

There is no noise or garbage here, everyone respects each other. I don’t know how good this is for evolution, because everyone knows the experiments with an “ideal and sterile world.” But it’s definitely possible to live a high-quality life in this country, but probably only at an older age.