5 places I want to return to:


Maldives — The best resort
The Maldives are beautiful in themselves and, perhaps, do not need advertising. Just enter “Maldives Islands” in the search, as you wish, bypassing packing your suitcase, jump on a plane and, as quickly as possible, find yourself on an island with white coral sand and a transparent turquoise sea. The air there is so clean and fragrant that you want to, figuratively speaking, eat it.

Despite the fact that I prefer variety and plan to visit all countries of the world, for some reason my legs return to the Maldives every year and this has been happening for quite some time.

The air temperature during day and night differs only by 2 degrees, the sea is always warm. As in all other corners of the planet, there is an “off season” in the Maldives, although this difference is manifested not by cold or heat, but by the presence of rain. Since you can be lucky with the weather even in the low season, your stay on the island is almost guaranteed to be magically delightful.

Small seaplanes fly for long distances from the capital Male, and for short distances transfers directly from the airport pier are carried out on a corporate yacht located on the island of the hotel. If you do not take into account Male, where it is dirty, noisy and there is nothing to do, then on the “paradise” resort islands there is no more than one hotel. For relatively every budget of the modern traveler, you can find both budget hotels and very expensive ones.

The Maldives are good in their self-sufficient minimalism; there are no attractions, transport, markets, noise, or crowds of people. It is the opportunity to be alone with yourself, your thoughts and family that gives you the effect of rebooting after the active rhythm of city life.

For our anniversary visit to the Maldives, we came to Jumeirah Maldives. This is the most expensive hotel visited earlier. By the way, when you fly in a large group and for a long time, this immediately increases the budget several times, which can be very surprising. But we were surprised by another thing. On this trip, the kind hotel manager additionally provided a three-story villa with its own gym, bathhouse, hammam, swimming pool, a huge hall inside and its own territory with a small football field outside. In nominal terms, this upgrade for two weeks would cost 30 million rubles (2,300,000 rubles per day). I am grateful for the fact that we lived there, but now, apparently, we will have to meet a new standard.