Travel notes:


10 years ago, in February 2014, the distant country of Mexico, rich in cultural, historical and, of course, entertainment, opened up for me.

The Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya hotel, in addition to the abnormally huge territory with an internal bus and bus stops, was remembered for the fact that part of the room stock was sold to resort lovers who see in this either an investment in real estate or the comfort of the fact that in their own apartments they can correct the interior or leave some - things until your next visit. For me, vacationing in the same place is boring, but representatives from America and Canada, especially older ones, don’t think so.

In Mexico, even on the territory of the hotel, there are giant lizards, raccoons and noses. They all behave very arrogantly and this creates a strong feeling that you are their guest. You can see the abundance of animals, turtles, butterflies, wild boars, flamingos and other living creatures in the amusement park - Xcaret, where tourists are brought by a cheerful decorated bus.

Mexican cenotes are no less popular attractions. Cenotes are natural wells, which are caves with an open top due to soil that has collapsed from their ceiling and beautiful, sometimes clear, water. Now these caves are loved by tourists for swimming, but they were previously used for sacrifices by the ancient Indians.

The most breathtaking sight is the ancient city of Chichen Itza, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, which is the cultural center of the Maya. It is noteworthy that the Mayan people were very cruel and bloody sacrifices were, apparently, absolutely commonplace for them, including using mysterious ancient pyramids built thousands of years ago, without having the appropriate technology for this. The pyramids themselves are mathematically, geometrically, and astronomically surprising with their precise shapes and location according to the cardinal points and stars. Chichen Itza also has a ball court with some special features. The rubber ball weighed 4 kilograms; it could be played from the hip, and the ball had to be thrown to a height. It's scary to imagine what the fate of the losing side was.

The more peaceful entertainment of modern Mexico is the music show of celebrity look-alikes CocoBongo and, of course, tequila. I will say right away that tequila in Mexico and abroad are different drinks. The fact is that Mexicans do not drink it in glasses and do not eat it with salt, and Blanco tequila is considered a drink for the homeless. The premium categories of the drink are considered to be the more expensive barrel-aged Reposado and Anejo; locals drink this tequila with a bright, rich color slowly, like cognac.

Would I like to go back to Mexico? Of course yes. Moreover, tacos, burritos, mojito, nachos, empanadas, quesadillas, tortillas are really delicious.