Travel notes:


The main and, perhaps, the only reason why I went to Morocco was a French friend. Years later, absolutely by accident, I found an article in a glossy magazine, “The favorite vacation for the French is Morocco.” Until this cherished moment of reading, much about this trip remained a mystery.

The first thing to note is that in this former French colony the country is extremely hot in July. The air and any surfaces, including the sun lounger, are so hot that once in front of me, a spider crossing my sun lounger on foot dried up halfway.

Secondly, apart from the opportunity to visit the famous Moroccan market in Marrakesh, there is not much choice of leisure activities.

Third, it was in this country that I discovered a new type of wine. Not white, red or sparkling, but, drum roll, gray. In French it is "Gris". By the way, any wine cannot be drunk without ice in the glass. If it is not drunk within a couple of minutes, the glass will contain mostly water from that same melted ice. As a result, out of hopelessness, you drink ice-cold “Gris” all day.

It’s amazing that during the trip I managed to ride a camel and buy the famous Moroccan “baboushi” slippers at the market. One evening, literally cooling off after a hot day in the pool, I managed to fall asleep lying on the water while my friend and I were discussing politics.

One of the most vivid, among quite rare memories, was a musical show at Le Blokk, which included exquisite theatricality and very high vocal abilities of the performers.

The conclusion of the trip is the following: if you go to Africa in the middle of summer, then you need to go to the ocean. For this purpose, Morocco has such a famous city - Casablanca.