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North Macedonia

North Macedonia. Returning back to Serbia from Albania, as a stopover and discovery of a new country, we headed first to the tourist Ohrid, and then to the capital of Macedonia - Skopje.

Ohrid, not counting the dramatic moment when a hotel employee almost destroyed our expensive Italian diamond-coated suitcase on a long stone staircase that took several minutes to climb, and he did not skip a single step so as not to hit the suitcase on it, in general we really liked it.

In Ohrid, the main highlight is Lake Ohrid, which is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The lake really has a magical color of water and incredible transparency where you can even see the bottom and fish. As in all of Macedonia, in Ohrid there is Orthodox Christianity. The multitude of churches and monasteries has a very warm spiritual impact.

Afterwards we went to the capital Skopje to perhaps the most unusual hotel we had visited before, to board the ship. This is a truly impressive event, especially when the wife does not know about this surprise until moving in.

Part of the city seemed noisy and dirty to us, while the other was clean and tidy, it’s a pity that the walk was not started from the last one.

I think I would visit Ohrid again.