Travel notes:


Boracay Island in the Philippines is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Getting there is not easy. From Moscow it was necessary to fly on two Qatar Airways planes through Qatar to Manila. By the way, there is nothing to do in Manila and the capital of the Philippines has a fairly high level of crime, periodically leading thematic ratings.

From Manila you need to fly by plane with propellers to the Caticlan Peninsula. From there, take a ferry to Boracay Island. There you can change to a “motokibitka” to get to the hotel.

While you are driving to the hotel, the jungle landscapes are depressing. People sleep in makeshift huts, and hotel fences have glass shards added to the top concrete portions of their fences.

Boracay itself from the beach side is truly Paradise, white sand and clear turquoise water. But it was worth visiting the other side of the island, where, as it turned out, garbage is taken out and sewage is drained. A fetid horror with wild unsanitary conditions. Dirty neighborhoods, prostitution and a feeling of insecurity.

After a number of years, the entire island was closed for sanitary restoration due to the resorts completely falling into disrepair.

On a positive note, Filipinos are very friendly and pleasant people. They are cute, sunny, love children very much and are open to tourists.

The quality of the trip was questionable and while traveling with an auto-rickshaw, my phone dropped out with many photographs of all my previous trips to different countries at that time, so there are almost no photos from the Philippines.