Travel notes:


I have been to Poland many times while passing through on my way to Europe from Moscow. It doesn’t matter whether you are heading to Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, the Czech Republic - you will still have to enter the European Union by car through the border crossing in the Belarusian city of Brest towards Poland. With such a motor rally, whether to make a stop in Warsaw or limit yourself to a motel on the highway is a matter of choice; personally, I had it both ways.

In Poland, as in other countries that somehow managed to be part of the Russian Empire [1815], for some reason they do not like Russians. During its existence, Poland itself has changed its borders with all its neighbors countless times. Perhaps her own aggressive behavior and provocations changed these boundaries. She attacked, she was attacked, it happened in different ways. One way or another, the European Union has invested heavily in proving how a country that has joined the European Union can qualitatively change.

In Poland, for me, the food is completely tasteless, but there is a very good multi-lane highway. Nice city center. Difficult to understand language and accent. Gasoline is relatively inexpensive and, by the way, the deeper you go into Europe from Russia, the more expensive it becomes. Polish traffic police are absolutely unfriendly and are ready to fine you for any little thing for their own pleasure. Frankly, I prefer to quickly drive through this country towards more interesting places.