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Place of power and opportunity
It would be ignorant not to put the Motherland first. It is thanks to her that the list of visited countries exists.

For many years in a row I have been living six months outside of Russia, this includes both classic tourism and work trips.

I really like many countries, I can calmly and spontaneously change my place of permanent residence, but each time I land at the Moscow airport, when the plane’s landing gear touches the runway, I feel an increasing surge of strength and energy.

I don’t know what this has to do with, the growth of patriotism or age, but for some reason it’s starting to hit home more. I know for sure that we are people of peace. That our Motherland is the whole planet. But this particular land has some special effect. In general, the place of power is Sheremetyevo :)

You can whine as much as you want about politics, the harsh climate in the concept “your neighbor’s grass is greener,” but when you take off those green glasses, you can be surprised.

In fact, Russia has the most delicious restaurants and the highest level of service. The car dealers are more modern than what I have seen in other countries. Only we have complex online services: “State Services” and “MFC: My Documents”; in other countries, it is often still necessary to collect pieces of paper from all corners of the city. Our ATMs look more stylish, and mobile banking applications work much better. This list can be continued for quite a long time.

Yes, these are always broken roads. Yes, this is also the annual “unexpected” abnormal snowfall for utility workers. But it also means winter dinners by the window at a wine bar. And summer walks in the Patricks. In this world, nothing is ideal, but love does not know the word “ideal”, it simply exists, original and causeless.

Russia is not a third world country. Russia, due to its size, resources and potential as a nation, has been forced for centuries to protect itself from the whole world, which creates monopolies and cartels. Russia is a first world country. As an entrepreneur, I understand the nature of competition, conflicts of interest and the struggle for dominance. It is possible that this is an endless path, natural like nature itself.

I wish this country a better future and am totally against the “haters”.

In a sense, this is a mother. A mother must be loved and respected.