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We arrived in Serbia in March 2021 for a conference of the ISUZU automobile brand, whose dealership has been a flagship for our business for many years. This period of time was the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic and any trip was an opportunity to get away “anywhere.”

First we stayed at the boutique Square Nine Hotel Belgrad, where the singer Basta was staying that same day. The hotel left a pleasant impression due to the presence of a very stylish SPA area. And after that we moved to the venue of the event - Metropol Palace.

Even before checking into the hotel, a letter was written in which it was reported that we are not only entrepreneurs from Russia with the largest network of cargo car dealerships, but also bloggers with a significant number of subscribers and due to the presence of a business for renting sports cars and ordering a Rolls-Royce with a driver . A significant part of our audience are solvent tourists. Apparently, this bribed the hotel management and they provided us with a presidential suite, which was not available on booking sites, as a compliment. The room had a meeting room, an office, a spacious hall and a giant bedroom with a jacuzzi.

There was practically nothing to do in Serbia itself. But if you find yourself in another country, it would be wrong not to take the opportunity to go on a circular road trip through the Balkans. In addition to Serbia, our route consisted of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania and North Macedonia, with a length of about two thousand kilometers.

It so happened that every time I visited the next country, restrictions related to the pandemic were introduced. There were few traffic jams, and the cities were deserted and quiet.

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