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Seychelles is an island state with a low—budget cost of vacation at the resort. The main one among the Seychelles is Mahe, the capital is located there and only planes fly there.

At passport control, in 2016, when entering the country, border guards put a stamp in the form of a coconut of a rather unusual shape (they put it to everyone), resembling the fifth point of a person or animal. In fact, this coconut grows on some special palm trees on a special island "Praslin", which, as they say, stood out.

In addition to huge coconuts, huge turtles roam everywhere in the Seychelles, not only in safari parks, but also on someone's plots instead of a dog. Perhaps, from the point of view of care, giant turtles are more unpretentious since they live much more than a hundred years.

Of the natural beauty, I remember the huge stones "boulders" of rounded shape, which are a kind of business card of the resort country. Given its proximity to another former French colony, the island of Mauritius, rum with the addition of various spices is also popular in the Seychelles.

It is said that the best attraction of Seychelles is the island of Aldabra, which is the largest atoll in the Indian Ocean and the second largest in the world. If you "Google", then the photos on the Internet confirm this, which means it makes sense to go back and look in more detail.