Travel notes:


Slovenia became a secret entry point into the European Union when, due to the pandemic, we were not allowed from Croatia to Italy with the Sputnik V vaccine.

We had a plan to at least try to celebrate Nastya's birthday in Venice. To do this, we flew to the capital of Croatia - the city of Zagreb and from there by taxi we moved to the port city of Porec, from where high-speed catamaran boats go to Venice.

We were not allowed on the catamaran, despite having a “Sputnik” vaccination, insurance for a million dollars including the risks of covid, a fresh PCR test, good health and just a Croatian antigen test for coronavirus, explaining that the restrictions on shipping are the same , as in air travel. And they hinted that we could try going to Italy by taxi.

Being mentally prepared for a failed campaign and a return to the Croatian hotel, where by the way it turned out to be very cozy and nice, just like in the city of Porec itself, we went to cross the border by car.

And here’s a turn of events for you: on the border with Slovenia, not only were they not asked about the European vaccine and not only were they ignored the entire pile of available documents, we were not even asked to get out of the car to check our passports with their owners and did not check our luggage.

Stamp, stamp, welcome to the European Union. And how can we not love this country after this?