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Spain, like England and France— is a former colonial power, and now it is a tourist country. For my second time in 2018, I came to Spain by car from France during a long car trip of 10 thousand kilometers across almost all countries of the European Union.

One very cool place, though it has nothing to do with Spain, is the French safari park "Reserve Africaine de Sigean", located near the national border of these countries. Therefore, if your path passes by, be sure to stop by, because unlike other safari parks, you can move past giraffes and zebras there in your own car. And this means that with comfort, air conditioning and minor risks that your "swan" will be torn apart by tigers.

So, Spain, Barcelona. It is pleasant and easy to feel both the city itself and everything that surrounds it during long walks. Barcelona is beautiful and unusual, especially thanks to the talented Antonio Gaudi. Among the most amazing and impressive projects of the architect is the Sagrada Familia Cathedral, which has been built for more than 140 years exclusively with funds from donations. In addition to the cathedral, Antonio left many sights in the form of historically important buildings that represent cultural heritage today.

Like in neighboring countries, Spain likes to eat. This is the famous soup "gazpacho", "paella", "jamon" and "tapas". By the way, tapas are a Spanish type of snack made from anything in the form of small, exquisitely decorated portions.

In terms of tourism, for fans of the ski resort, in 3 hours by car from Barcelona, Spain, you can get to Andorra, a dwarf state known for its ski trails with a good level of service.

Next time I come to Spain, I would like to visit the capital Madrid and the beautiful Marbella, praised by many friends. I will visit :)