Travel notes:


Amazing Sweden. Cruise ships sail from the capital of Finland, Helsinki, to the capital of Sweden, Stockholm. You set sail in the evening and arrive there in the morning. Sweden greets you by sea with its beautiful shores with neatly inscribed houses of the northern Vikings and picturesque rocks sticking out of the water.

Sweden has a very high standard of living and excellent ecology. The city center is nice and tidy. It seems like Sweden is a northern version of Switzerland. Stockholm has a huge number of electric cars, charging stations for which are located everywhere. Everything here is for the people.

One of the very bright and impressive projects is the museum of the huge restored ship “Vasa” of the 17th century. What the people who invented IKEA and VOLVO won't do. It's definitely worth watching.

The only downside in Sweden is that it’s cold. Otherwise, everything is good, even the sushi, which they make from their local northern fish.