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Switzerland is one of the "ideal" locations for living. I must admit that I am in love with this country, especially for Lake Lugano, located on the border with Italy. The eponymous city of Lugano represents Italian Switzerland because of the actually Italian population, who prefer Italian food, charisma and style, but with a Swiss standard of living.

When you travel around Switzerland by car, the surrounding views cannot leave anyone indifferent, these are mountains, green meadows, rivers and a feeling of maximum environmental friendliness.

Strict laws and harsh traffic rules, combined with the obedient mentality of citizens, give the feeling that Switzerland is good for older people, and ideal for old age, when "daredevilism" is worthy of shameful condemnation, and calmness is the main goal.

Switzerland used to be a piggy bank for oligarchs because of the world-famous concept of banking secrecy. Over time, the mystery ceased to be such a mystery. In today's world, where the word "eco-friendliness" is fashionable to pronounce in relation to everything, financial sustainability is legally earned money in an honest way with taxes paid, and the rest of the money is toxic.

But about Geneva, it is worth saying that this is a slightly contrasting city. In it, luxury, poverty, sights, slums, the rich, migrants mixed in some kind of unhealthy cocktail, causing some disgust, as well as street offers of illegal drugs and escort services. And this somehow does not fit at all into both the ideal picture of the world and the expectations of this country as a whole.

I have not been to Zurich, I have not been to Bern, but I can say for sure that it is pleasant to return to Switzerland again and again. Beautiful nature, clean ecology and a high standard of living are perhaps what everyone is looking for.