Travel notes:


The first link in the chain of our great European trip was Croatia. The route included a dozen countries, each of which was chosen impromptu a couple of days before the trip. In fact, the 6145-kilometer road route included the following sequence of cities:

Moscow -> Zagreb -> Porec -> Venice -> Verona -> Alba -> Portofino -> Nice -> Saint-Tropez -> Geneva -> Luxembourg -> Hohenschwangau -> Prague -> Vienna -> Innsbruck -> Vaduz -> Lugano -> Como -> Pisa -> Rome -> Porto Ercole -> Moscow

We didn’t like it in the capital of Croatia, Zagreb. It was very boring, just like a Michelin restaurant was boring.

But we really liked the port city of Porec. It is small and neat, with clean air, surrounded on one side by mountain nature, and on the other by the Venetian Gulf of the Adriatic Sea.

There, we came across a cool and inexpensive hotel of the “Valamar” chain with oysters, octopus, Parma ham, jamon, truffles, with unlimited sparkling wine, with free brunches, I want to note (this is between breakfast and lunch). And this is in four stars, to the shame of all the fives, who most often do not have even a small part of this.

There is no point in going to Porec as a resort. But just passing through for a few days is a great decision.

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