Travel notes:


In Vietnam, I was only in the capital - Ho Chi Minh City. It is very noisy and dirty to such an extent that when it rains, a fetid liquid formed from garbage rotted in the heat in a humid environment spreads both along the roads and sidewalks. Since the storm drains are clogged or absent, pedestrians splash their feet on this disgrace, and sometimes, as a bonus, dirt flies to them from cars passing nearby.

The traffic flow here is a separate story; in order to avoid stuck in traffic jams, mopeds are driven straight along the sidewalks, and not in one direction, but in all directions. In addition to the chance of getting dirty or suffocating in Ho Chi Minh City, there is a significant opportunity to get run over by a two-wheeled friend.

They say that the resorts in Vietnam are pleasant and good. It is quite possible, but there is absolutely nothing to do in the capital. A logical way out or distraction from this situation was an excursion.

There, the guide told us that the Vietnamese, in order to prevent their children from selling their inherited plots, bury themselves or loved ones right on it, often in the very center. It turns out that the phrase “lie with bones” to achieve results is also used in some everyday life in Vietnam.

The second surprise was the presence of the Temple of the universal religion Cao Dai, which contains elements of Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism and Christianity.

As part of this trip, I really wanted to drink the blood of a snake (although after reading it it may seem that poison would be more logical according to the text). Unfortunately, I did not find a snake farm and instead of the blood of a fresh snake in one of the tourist locations I was able to try tinctures on the snake. No, you didn’t imagine it: while in Russia they make liqueurs with cranberries or lingonberries, in Vietnam there are embalmed snakes inside bottles of strong drink. I can’t say that this magical drink is as pleasant as nectar, but as a gift to a friend or enemy (underline as appropriate), it’s perfect.